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Ching Feng (N.S.) Vol. 21

Series: Journal

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Publication Year: 2023

Pages: 224

ISBN/ISSN: 0009-4668

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The 10th International Young Scholars’ Symposium on “Christianity and Chinese Society and Culture”

夏娃的詛咒──清末時新小說的基督教治纏足害表述 | 鄺智良 (online version)

「神」隱於市──晚清潮州的鄉村教堂與墟市空間 | 李柏樂 (online version)

吳經熊後期的自然法思想研究 | 程卯 (online version)

自立教會的教會自立──基督教九龍五旬節會的起源、成立與發展 | 戴觀豪 (online version)

Other Articles

福州西方差會教育對倪玉成家族及倪柝聲教會觀的影響 | 何子建 (online version)

教會學校在中國──上海守真學校的教育模式及宗教傳播(1903–1951) | 倪步曉 (online version)

Book Reviews

Alexander Chow, ed. Scottish Missions to China: Commemorating the Legacy of James Legge (1815–1897) | Wang Hui (online version)

Lauren F. Pfister, ed. Polyglot from the Far Side of the Moon: The Life and Works of Solomon Caesar Malan (1812–1894) | Benoît Vermander (online version)

Ambrose Mong. Christianity in the Modern World: A Study of Religion in a Pluralistic Society | Paul Hedges (online version)

Paul S. Chung. The Social Scientific Study of Religion: A Method for Constructive Theology | Bryan K. M. Mok (online version)
You Bin. Meditations on the Birth of Christ: Reflections for Advent in the Context of Chinese Culture | Naomi Thurston (online version)