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Ching Feng (N.S.) Vol. 20

Series: Journal

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Publication Year: 2022

Pages: 208

ISBN/ISSN: 0009-4668

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The History of Christianity in Modern China

Special Issue Editors: Marina Xiaojing Wang, Agnes Suk-man Pang, and Kinia Choi-lin Ng

Introduction: Chinese Christianities in Big Eras | Marina Xiaojing Wang, Agnes Suk-man Pang, and Kinia Choi-lin Ng (online version)

Christian Schools, Left-wing Literature and the 1967 Riots in Hong Kong: A Case Study of Youths’ Garden | Ying Fuk-tsang (online version)

中國宣道會瑞典宣教團(1893–1900) The Swedish China Mission of the Alliance (1893–1900) | Ellis Ming-cheung Ho 何明章 (online version)

大時代下的基督徒學者──以燕京大學宗教學院蔡詠春為例 Christian Scholars in the “Grand Epoch”: A Case Study of Cai Yongchun and His Time at the School of Religion, Yenching University | Chin Ken-pa 曾慶豹 (online version)
「禮賢車騎」──王謙如牧師與他的德國淵源 “The Rhenish General of Chariots and Horsemen”: Pastor Wong Him-yue and His German Origin | Wu Kin-pan 胡健斌 (online version)


Tribute to Jean-Paul Wiest | Anthony E. Clark (online version)

Other Article

重新評價科玄之爭──五四百年後再思科學與宗教的對話 Revisiting the Dialogue between Science and Religion | Kwan Kai-man 關啟文 (online version)

Book Reviews

Gail King. "A Model for All Christian Women": Candida Xu, a Chinese Christian Woman of the Seventeenth Century | Wai-yin Christina Wong (online version)

Ma Li. Christian Women and Modern China: Recovering a Women's History of Chinese Protestantism | Zhou Yun (online version)

Fenggang Yang, Jonathan Pettit, and Chris White, eds. Shades of Gray in the Changing Religious Markets of China | Bai Yucheng (online version)

Alexander Chow and Easten Law, eds. Ecclesial Diversity in Chinese Christianity | Peter Chen-main Wang (online version)

Bibiana Yee-ying Wong. The Short-lived Catholic Central Bureau: National Catalyst for Cultural Apostolate in China (1947–1951) | Robert E. Carbonneau, CP (online version)

Joseph W. Ho. Developing Mission: Photography, Filmmaking, and American Missionaries in Modern China | Wang Zhixi (online version)