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Ching Feng (N.S.) 2018 Vol. 17, No. 1-2

Series: Journal

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Publication Year: 2018

Pages: 192

ISBN/ISSN: 0009-4668

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Chinese Christianities Seminar,  American Academy of Religion

Theme: Chinese Christianities and Religious Boundaries

From Pagan Virtues to the Salvation of Non-Christians: Father Wang Changzhi’s Contribution to Chinese Christianity | Lu Jin

Christianity as a Chinese Religion: A Theological Consideration | Alexander Chow

A Nonviolent Model of Liberation Theology in Hong Kong: A Dialogue with Maoism | Lai Tsz-him

Religious Boundaries in Chinese Christianities | Stephanie M. Wong

Festschrift to Professor Lauren F. Pfister

時間─科學與神學的追問 | 璩理

Other Articles

宗教比較、神經科學與多維度的拯救─再思宗教多樣與宗教對話 | 賴品超

獲利、殖民還是傳教?──郭實獵與鴉片貿易、鴉片戰爭關係再思 | 李聰

Comparative Study of Religion and Faith Speaking to Faith: A “Nestorian Narrative” in Plural Christianities | Paul S. Chung and Peter Watters

Book Reviews and Review Article

Ambrose Mong. Accommodation and Acceptance: An Exploration of Interfaith Relations | Paul Michael Hedges

Wai-ching Angela Wong and Patricia P. K. Chiu, eds. Christian Women in Chinese Society: The Anglican Story | Wai-Yin Christina Wong

Li Ma and Jin Li. Surviving the State, Remaking the Church: A Sociological Portrait of Christians in Mainland China | Fredrik Fällman

對話式混成與儒家基督徒身分──評宋剛《艾儒略、〈口鐸日抄〉與晚明福建的耶儒對話》| 肖清和