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Ching Feng (N.S.) 2016 Vol. 15, No. 1-2

Series: Journal

Author/Editor: -

Publication Year: 2016

Pages: 216

ISBN/ISSN: 0009-4668

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Editorial / Francis Ching-wah Yip

Chinese Christianities Seminar, American Academy of Religion

Union Theological Seminary’s Dense Social Network in Twentieth-Century Chinese Christianity / Christopher D. Sneller

Ecclesiology from Below: Urbanizing Catholicism in an Urbanizing China / Stephanie M. Wong

Moral Minority: The Changing Face of Christian Politics in Post-Sunflower Movement Taiwan / Chiou Mu-tien

Historiography and Community Identity: Hong Kong Christians and the Recording of the 2014 Pro-Democracy Movement / Kang Di

A Tale of Three Bishops: Mapping the Ideologies of “Chineseness” and “Asian Values” in the Global Anglican Realignment in Vancouver / Justin K. H. Tse

Other Articles

巨人愛恨─王明道所認識的倪柝聲 Watchman Nee in the Eyes of Wang Mingdao / Ying Fuk-tsang 邢福增

中西合作的典範─香港宣道會本土化過程研究 A Partnership Model: Analysis on the Indigenization Process of Hong Kong Christian and Missionary Alliance / Ellis Ming-cheung Ho 何明章

Review and Response

Karl Barth and Christian Theology of Religions: An Asian Response to Ensminger / Paul S. Chung

Brent Fulton. China’s Urban Christians: A Light that Cannot be Hidden / Mary Li Ma

Rejoinder: Book Review by Dr. Anna Qing Wu / Moira M. W. Chan-Yeung