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Ching Feng (N.S.) 2008-2009 Vol. 9, No. 1-2 (combined)

Series: Journal

Author/Editor: -

Publication Year: 2008-2009

Pages: 216

ISBN/ISSN: 0009-4668

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The Orientation of the Taiwanese Catholic Church during Chiang Kai-shek’s Government: Sinicization in the Pursuit of Identity / CHEN Tsung-ming
Xie Fuya as a Contributor to Religious Studies in China in the First Half of the Twentieth Century / Christian MEYER
Going Beyond a Dialogue with Jürgen Moltmann regarding His Understanding on Daodejing / Megumi YOSHIDA
Pre-Confucian Chinese Beliefs as Reflected by the Religious Symbols in the Book of Poetry / HO Shun-yee
Karl Barth, Israel, and Religious Pluralism / Paul S. CHUNG

Field Reports
Editors’ Note
Functions of Protestant Churches in Promoting Social Harmony in Socialist China: A Preliminary Study Based on Interviews with Parishioners and Pastors in Shanghai / ZHANG Zhan, HUANG Wei, CHEN Guo, WU Fuyou, CAI Yilun, MAO Yan, LU Liang, and LIU Jingjing
Contributing to the Construction of Social Morality and Harmonious Society: A Study of the Protestant Churches in Shanghai / LENG Xin, XIE Hua, XIA Hui, ZHOU Yong, and LI Jianfeng