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Ching Feng (N.S.) 2006 Vol. 7, No. 1-2 (combined)

Series: Journal

Author/Editor: -

Publication Year: 2006

Pages: 256

ISBN/ISSN: 0009-4668

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Special Issue on the Kingdom of God, the Pure Land and the Human World
Introduction / Special Issue Editors     LAI Pan-chiu & XUE Yu

Part I          Buddhist Interpretations of the Pure Land
Eschatological Faith in the Coming Kingdom, East and West: Mao Tzu-yüan and the Four Pure Lands / Whalen LAI
Shin Buddhism and Axial Civilization / Galen AMSTUTZ
Establishing a Pure Land in This World: Xingyun’s Model / JUE Ji

Part II        Christian Interpretations of the Kingdom of God
The Entrance and Inheritance of the Kingdom of God in the Christian Religion / Eric K. C. WONG
The “Kingdom of Heaven” in China: Exploring the Taiping Millennial Vision / P. Richard BOHR

Part III       Comparative Studies
Understanding Suffering from Buddhist and Christian Perspectives / XUE Yu
God’s Vow: A Pure Land Perspective on the Cross of Christ / Notto R. THELLE
Birth into the Pure Land and Resurrection of the Body: A Comparative Study between Pure Land Buddhism and Christianity / Martin REPP

Part IV       Dialogues in Relation to Contemporary Society
The Kingdom of God and the Pure Land: A Dialogical Study of Eschatology and Praxis / LAI Pan-chiu
The Pure Land, the Kingdom of God and the Critique and Transformation of This World / Andres S. K. TANG
God’s Reign and the Pure Land in Interfaith and Scientific Discourse on Imago Dei and Buddha Nature / Paul S. CHUNG