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Since the establishment of our Centre in Hong Kong in 1957, the Chinese Church has undergone tremendous changes. In face of the current political situation in China, the monitoring of Chinese Christians, and the dominance of official media, we provide the latest news of the Chinese Church through "Facebook," articles, lectures, etc. in order to provide a more comprehensive and objective account of Chinese Christianity and its history for those who care about the believers in China or those who are interested in religious studies. Our Centre also cooperates with scholars who are familiar with the local context in publishing unabridged academic monographs so that more Christians could grasp the current religious development in China, facilitating spiritual reflection, ministerial care, and service.

If you agree with our mission and affirm the value of local Christian academic institutions, please remember our Centre in prayer and support us financially.


Bank Account Details

Name of Account:
Christian Study Centre on Chinese Religion and Culture Limited 
(In short: Christian S C O C R and C LTD)

Bank Name: Hang Seng Bank (024)
Account Number: 293-8-218910
FPS Number: 161196738


If you make contributions via ATM or bank transfer, please mail or e-mail the bank account slip or transfer record—together with your name and contact information—to our Centre so that we can issue a donation receipt.